New Discovery confirmed by harvard shows
by harvard shows

1 Gram of THIS Tiny Molecule
Extends Human Lifespan By Up To
20… 30… or 40 Years

Written by Marlin Roevic

Published on Jan, 2023

Starts Working In Just 2 Hours! Now Available WITHOUT A Prescription


What if living beyond the age of 120 became the new “normal”?

And what if dramatically extending your lifespan was not only possible… but easier than brushing your teeth?

Sounds hard to believe. However…

Longevity expert from Harvard, Dr. David Sinclair, believes it’s now possible for humans to live BEYOND 120.

Best News…

Although the science is a bit complex, there’s a simple method for living longer.

It’s 100% natural. And this breakthrough discovery is available without prescription.

It works by boosting your NAD levels with a special molecule called NMN.

Keep reading to discover how you can join tens-of-thousands already taking advantage of this new age-reversing breakthrough today.

The Harvard Longevity Doctor
Who Believes Humans Can Live

Somebody who might make it to 150 has already been born”

– Dr. David Sinclair

Dr. David Sinclair is the professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School.

He’s the author of the New York Times bestselling book Lifespan: Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To.

He also believes it’s now possible for humans to live well beyond the age of 120.

In fact, on January 30, 2023, an online article published by The Harvard Gazette shocked the world.

Here’s why:

Dr. David Sinclair was asked about his mind-blowing research. That’s when this “mad” longevity genius declared:

…it’s possible to reset the age of
the body up to as much as 50%”

Once again…

This crazy idea might sound like science fiction.

But… Sinclairs’ research IS the cutting-edge of REAL science. Also, this world-changing interview with the Harvard Gazette covers Sinclairs work published in 2020 – by the leading scientific journal Nature. New experiments were performed on lap mice.

The result?

In one trial, vision was restored to old mice. How? By “resetting” the age of the eye… multiple times!

Transforming blurry vision into crystal-clear HD. Like magic.

But what about extending lifespan? Keep reading to see one of Dr. Sinclairs most controversial longevity experiments…

How To “Re-Program”
Your Cells To Become Young Again

“The Sinclair Lab at Harvard Medical School “Reverses” The Aging Process In Mice.”

Do you SEE the picture of the two mice beside?

Believe it or not…

These mice are the SAME age. In fact, they were born the same day!

Yet, the mouse on the right looks old, weak and on the verge of death. And… As you can see, the mouse on the left looks young, vibrant and full of life.
So, what’s the difference?

The difference has to do with a special molecule.

This secret “longevity” molecule is inside the body.

It’s called Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. Or, NAD.

According to Dr. Sinclair…
Boosting Your NAD Levels Is The
“Missing Link” For “Rewinding” Age

What is NAD?

And how does it reverse biological age?

First, here’s a shocking fact: Dr Sinclair’s groundbreaking research on mice showed boosting NAD extended lifespan by a mind-blowing 30%.

Do you know what that means? Here’s what we get… The average age in the United States is 76.33.

So if boosting NAD levels could increase lifespan by 30%…

…that would be the equivalent of adding +22 years to your life!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because boosting NAD levels could be the “missing link” for “rewinding” the aging process.

Helping people live 20…30… or even 40 years longer!

Here’s how it works…

How To Boost Your NAD Naturally…

You see, NAD is a special “helper” molecule. The body produces NAD naturally. And NAD is also in some foods, such as fish, mushrooms and green vegetables.

This special molecule is essential for energy and life.

Basically, without NAD the body would DIE. NAD helps regulate over 400 biological functions inside the body. Energizing all 37-trillion cells.

In fact, there are natural ways to boost your NAD. Helping you feel more energized… mentally sharp… and looking younger too.

  • Energy Metabolism

  • DNA Repair

  • Cell Signaling

  • Telomere Maintenance

  • Circadian Rhythm Regulation

  • Gene Expression

  • Immune Function

  • Autophagy

It’s easier than you might think.

One of the most popular ways to boost your NAD levels is by supplementing with NMN.

However, finding a trusted source for NMN is difficult.

Below you will discover an easy way to find pure NMN from a reputable source. But first, you must know this one little-known fact. It could save your life.

NAD Levels Drop Over Time

The science is scary. But it’s true.

Here’s what I mean… According to a 2020 article published by the renowned journal
Integrative Medicine:

NAD levels are cut in HALF by middle age.

And when NAD levels drop, mitochondria (the powerhouse of every cell in the body) becomes weaker… decays… and eventually DIES.

Scientists now believe this tragic decline of NAD is the reason WHY we age.

Which means…

  • Low Energy
  • Weak Bones
  • Brain Fog
  • Shrinking Muscles
  • Poor Metabolism
  • Declining Libido
  • Painful Joins

Not to mention, lower levels of NAD could lead to severe health catastrophe’s down the road.

In fact…

Declining NAD could be the reason why men and women feel tired and run down the older they get.

That’s why it’s mission-critical to keep your NAD levels healthy – to combat “old age” health problems.

Here’s how…

By middle age, our NAD+ levels have plummeted to half that of our youth.”

– Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal
February 2020

A Simple Method for Boosting
Your NAD Levels… FAST!

This method is 100% natural.

Backed by scores of scientific research. And something Dr. David Sinclair personally
uses himself. This simple method boosts NAD levels within 2 hours.

And it works by supplementing with NMN.

NMN… can slow down [aging] by elevating NAD+ levels in the body.”

– Journal of Advanced Research | Volume 37, March 2022, Pages 267-278

[NMN] can rapidly increase the cellular NAD+ concentration.”

– Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology | Tokyo, Japan 2016

NMN proved to be effective in… reversing mitochondrial dysfunction associated with aging”

– JFrontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology | 2020

NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide. It’s a special vitamin that helps your body make NAD. Your body produces NMN naturally. Plus, NMN is found in fruits and vegetables.

Best of all, NMN can be taken effortlessly in a pill. Isn’t that amazing? Just imagine taking a pill that reverses your age.

Can living 20… 30… 40 years or more REALLY be this simple? Thanks to breaking new research the answer is YES!

But beware… Not all NMN supplements are created equal. And that’s dangerous.

So please read below to protect yourself from being RIPPED-OFF!

SCAM ALERT:Beware of Fake NMN

Fake NMN could be the biggest SCAM in the supplement industry. You see, NMN is now a wildly popular anti-aging “miracle”. And it’s all thanks to Dr. Sinclairs amazing research.

However, greedy hucksters are taking advantage of innocent victims. Pawning fake NMN as the “real deal”. But the scary truth is many of these pills are filled with nothing but sawdust!

Or worse…

…some of these fake NMN pills have been caught using hazardous substances!

And unfortunately, many people are wasting hard-earned money on these worthless pills. Even worse, some are experiencing wretched side-effects.

Which, you should know, according to research, real NMN is safe for daily use. That’s because real NMN works with your body to increase NAD.

So what can you do? How can you spot fake NMN?


Suppliers of Real NMN
Show Their CoA (Certificate of Analysis)

A Certificate of Analysis or CoA is an official document verifying the manufactured product. Every prescription drug has a CoA.

And suppliers of real NMN should attain and publicly display CoAs on their website. For example:

Here’s what a CoA looks like from an authentic NMN supplier:

“Two examples of official CoA documents for NMN”


Suppliers of Real NMN
are 3rd Party Tested

A 3rd party tested product assures you’re getting the “real deal”

It’s a surefire way to know you’re getting the highest degree of safety, quality and integrity.

That’s because NMN is tested independently by a company that does not profit from any supplement sales.


Suppliers of Real NMN are
Manufacture in cGMP-certified Facilities

The Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) is a regulatory standard enforced to ensure top quality.

The FDA sets this standard.

And cGMP facilities are regularly inspected by the FDA to make sure these standards are met.

Finding a quality source of NMN manufactured in a cGMP facility is a smart way to make sure you’re not getting ripped-off.

Dr. David Sinclair Takes 1 Gram
of NMN Daily… should You?

Once you find a reputable source for NMN, you might be wondering how much you should take.

It’s a good question. And the truth is…

It depends. You see, if you’re under the age 30, your NAD levels are just beginning to decline.

Therefore, you don’t need as much NMN. Studies show about 250mg of NMN daily will suffice.

However, if you’re older… you may need to take more NMN to reap the NAD-boosting benefits.

Remember, by middle-age, our NAD levels are cut in half. That’s why Dr. David Sinclair himself supplements with 1 gram of NMN daily.

However, there’s a scientifically-verified “hack” for improving the effectiveness of NMN. Giving you the power to take LESS while experiencing MORE.

Allowing your dollar to stretch further. Saving you a small fortune over time.

Here’s how:

Liposomal NMN is Best
for Maximum Absorption

NMN is a powerful and easy way to boost NAD. However, studies show NMN doesn’t absorb well into your system. In fact, stomach acids gobble up NMN.

Which means, much of the NMN consumed today is NEVER reaching the bloodstream. Rendering it useless.

The solution?

The best way to experience the extraordinary anti-aging results of NMN is to improve absorption. That’s where Liposomal Encapsulation Technology steps in.

This breakthrough helps pharmaceutical drugs absorb into the bloodstream for maximum effectiveness in minimum time. And this same technology is now being used with NMN. Here’s how it works:

Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (L.E.T.) is like a “taxi” for NMN.

It quickly transports NMN directly to the bloodstream – protecting it from being destroyed by stomach acids.

So, are you interested in trying NMN yourself?

Try NMN with L.E.T. for the best results.

Here’s What People
Experience with NMN

The benefits of boosting your NAD levels with NMN go beyond living longer.

Science shows you could feel healthier too! In fact…
The research-backed benefits of elevating NAD include:

  • More Energy
  • Higher Libido
  • Better Sleep
  • Stronger Immunity
  • Sharper Memory

PLUS… People taking NMN also report experiencing:

  • Greater Physical Stamina
  • Younger-Looking Skin
  • Weight Loss

And much more.

Closing Thoughts

Can you really “rewind” your biological age? Can humans really live beyond the age 120?

According to the research above, the answer is YES! We’re living in a new world.

A new age. A time in history when the impossible becomes possible.

Where technology is advancing at breakneck speeds. And the anti-aging industry is along for the ride.

What will the future hold? Will scientists discover the “holy grail” for living forever?

It’s mind-boggling to think about. But for now, supplementing with NMN for boosting NAD levels appears to be the closest thing to the “fountain of youth” that scientists have discovered to date.

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